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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Back

Hey all,

Thanks to those of you who've emailed me regarding my disappearance. Right after I finished my last blog on Friday the 13th, I was called into my boss's office with a few other gals and we were told, due to the economy, our services were no longer needed. Since my position was contractual, getting unemployment is not happening like I thought it would.

The past month has been quite a struggle to get any kind of work. However I did manage to get something in a place called the Beauty Bar:

check it out: www.beautybar.com

I've always had my eye on this place, but never got the chance to go in. So, while pounding the pavement, I wandered through that decrepid (sp) door. It's a cool little place. Their mantra is "martinis and manicures". I do the manicure part with other manicurists. I also get a chance to promote my make-up biz. AND, since this place was previously a "biker bar", there's bike parking out front! I must admit things are getting pretty cool. I like this new adventure and have already bonded with some great folks.

Well, that's about it for now. My next blog will be about a long overdue ride I'm taking this weekend!

Peace friends~