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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Somehow within all the holiday cheer, I find myself in a dark place. I all of a sudden feel like I'm back in a corner with no way out. I'm lonely, and sad for no apparent reason. Can it be, once again? There's a spirit in me that usually gets me out of such a place, but that entity is slowly disapearing. I've gone so far. I feel like I'm wasting knowledge and with that I know I'm in trouble. I think that's the big problem. I'd like to take a ride, but evening is soon here and I don't really like riding at night unless I have to. I wish there were some big party going on somewhere I could go to.

There must be something I could dream tonight.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!

I'm taking a hiatus this week, so see ya in 2008!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December in San Diego.

I feel pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful place as San Diego. Southern Cal is where I feel most at home. I do miss Brooklyn and all the urban-ness, but where else can you go riding in December? All weekend I rode through the east county, back along roads that remind me of upstate NY. Horses peering out from bare branches behind fences they could easily jump over. They looked so serene. I also made my way through areas that were burnt, black and still smelled of the devastating fire we had here.

As I made my way back to the highway, I decided to head to stop and do some Christmas shopping. I figured I got the saddlebags on, why not? Putt through traffic and head over to the moto parking area. Most malls, shopping centers have special places for us biker gals who like to shop!

Yes, I'm a lucky gal to be living in San Diego.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Paulie Walnuts

Paulie is my 10 year old chihuahua mutt mix. I just adopted him some months ago and I'm so in love with this little guy. I don't know his whole story, but I do know he was found on the street. Lately I've been getting into the holiday spirit and have bought him a few things. I don't know if you've noticed but Harley has a whole line of little biker shirts, etc. for doggies. Of course they cost a bundle, but - for Paulie...

I got him a leather hat, t-shirt and collar. He likes the t-shirt and collar, but the hat, well let's just say he like to put it in his mouth and shake his head around, let it go and watch it fly! A leather frisbee - yikes!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Bela Lugosi

One of my many favorite horror people. Somehow Bela did it right. Creating his image. From his stare underneath his cape, to his walk. Something about him was so cool. Of course being the make up artist I am I can't help but love that old Hollywood stuff!

And that voice - yikes!

From what I've read, he even got buried with his Dracula cape on. Hmmm.

I like to think I'm creating an image for Cleopatra. She's very nocturnal. Scary black with her headlight showcasing her piercing stare onto the road. Sometimes she comes off as a courtly, so gracious and attractive machine that she projects an aura of well-being over whoever might be staring at her.

But once I start her up it's suave evilness...

Peace :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Moto Make Up Artist

That's me! I now also consider my self to be a "moto" make up artist. Okay, I got the "moto" from an article on WRN. But I love it! What a great idea. Let them know your a woman! Soon to come - my portfolio with all kinds of looks for any type of style. Retro, natural, rocker, glam or any look you want. Ladies - show your beautiful self! Underneath that helmet, sunglasses, goggles, etc. is a beautiful woman. Let everyone know you ride your own.

Peace ~ Mimi

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Own Personal Freedom

Bike riding has given me so much to be thankful for. I'm usually a very shy, quiet person, never wanting to be noticed, but ever since I got my bike, alot of that has changed. Facing that feeling was a scary thing. I've been afraid all my life, but even more so when I got my bike. The fear was overwhelming, but I knew this is what I wanted and had worked so hard for this. I went through a few embarrassing moments in the beginning, but at this point I feel I have triumphed over such a fear and am not so shy or afraid anymore. This is a fear I have dealt with my whole life. My bike, Cleopatra (a Harley 1200 Nightster), is a Godsend. She is my salvation. Not only has she brought me out of my shell, but also I have met many people who actually respect me for riding and having my own bike. That feeling is tremendous to me. I never had any kind of validation before. The absolute best feeling is taking off on Cleopatra and going anywhere I want. The freedom is beyond words.

Harley Ad in American Iron

I stopped in a drug store on my walk to work this morning to pick up much needed chocolate for my afternoon fix. I also picked up American Iron to read Genevieve Schmitt's column. She's a woman I admire and I love what she's doing for women who ride. As I was turning the pages, I couldn't help but notice an advertisement for a Harley Halter, worn by a great looking model. It reads 'Give new meaning to "deer in headlights."' The copy underneath says "The gift that stops every man in his tracks." I mean, come on. This is sexism if I ever saw it. I know the biker lifestyle is very sexist, but this is degrading to women whether they are in the lifestyle or not. I'm surprised Harley would put out an ad like this. These days it seems like they're catering to women who are serious about riding and purchasing a bike, not being an ornament.

Don't get me wrong, I love wearing leather and feeling sexy. But for myself. There's a difference.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Make Up Designory. I'm finally going. I've said eff it to most everything in my comfort zone. I am attending the Harvard of make up schools - MUD. I don't start until Feb. 08, but just enough time to save some much needed dough. LA-WOW! I get to be in LA everyday with all its craziness. I love it! Being from NYC and now living in San Diego, I miss the feeling of a real city. One thing I'm especially excited about is learning prosthetics. Creating creatures. Really rockin my own imagination. Getting that satisfaction of accomplishing and creating. I can't remember the last time I worked at something for myself. I guess I'm still going for that dream thing.

Riding has helped so much in this decision. Focus, do it, don't hold back. I don't want any more regrets...

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The Universe

Thoeau once said "most men live in quiet desperation". I refuse to be that way. My dad used to say "little girls should be seen and not heard." No wonder I was always quiet and shy, never getting involved.

When I first started riding, it took me a while to get used to the attention my bike and I made roaring down the road. Cleopatra and I scream HERE I AM. HEAR ME!! It's my way of saying I will be seen and heard in this euphoric motorcycle universe.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007


My bike - Cleopatra. She's my heaven on earth. She's brought me so much happiness in the short time we've been together. You see, my other bike, Aurora was a hand me down from a not so nice ex boyfriend. She was a great bike, but she was too much like him. Too much of his power. I sold her and got my 1200 Nightster! Cleopatra and I are a great team. Circling the backroads, speeding the highways and making lots of noise with those black thunders to give her that ultra magnificent Cleopatra-ish look!